Welcome to our crystal collection. We now have a lovely selection of crystals which you can buy online or instore. 

I (Emily) absolutely love crystals, I hadn't bought any for a number of years as I became aware of how unethical they can be.

When you buy crystals it's not often easy to find out where they have actually come from. The worrying part of this is that it's not regulated

  • Some places send children from as young as 4 down mines, resulting in death/injury.
  • Some places leave discarded crystals in massive piles as unwanted waste from mining for other materials, this leaves local people in poorer areas searching for gemstones to try and earn some money, which again leads to death/injury.
  • Certain crystals you buy will be directly funding the Taliban.

I've been busy searching for an ethical and sustainable way we can enjoy these stones. As we certainly don't want to be funding any of this or carry all that negative energy within our crystals around with us.

If a crystal seller hasn't actively told you any information about where the crystals have come from or that no children/people have been unharmed in the mining process then it's unlikely they know this information, I'm not saying all crystals or retailers/wholesalers are bad, it's that it's not guaranteed. 
On the other hand just like any industry there are going to be people out there that mislead you and exploit situations. I've seen this a lot with the zero waste products, non genuine products being sold that contain BPA and other harmful toxins, not fair trade, not actually compostable/biodegradable etc. 

A lot of time is spent on research and development and I feel really strongly about giving my customers exactly what they are paying for. We're here so you can make an informed decision with all the information available and if you feel as strongly about this as we do then please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information.

We are working with some trusted UK suppliers who have extensive experience and knowledge within the industry. They have direct contact with the mines ensuring that workers are paid a fair wage and are working safely.
As well as the ethical side we need to be conscious about the earth being dug up, the good news is that crystals are often the by-product of other materials being mined and we aren't funding beautiful parts of the world to be destroyed for the sole purpose of a crystal.

Pop in the shop if you can as we have a massive selection and some of them don't manage to make it to the website in time before they are bought!

We also have weighted crystals in the shop, this means you get exactly what you pay for. Instead of tumble stones and smaller rough pieces being a set price, you will pay less for smaller and lighter weighing crystals.