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The SWAK toothbrush with a bio-based handle and natural replaceable bristles made from Miswak root wood. Cleans gently and effectively. The handle should last a lifetime, replace the head, keep the handle!

SWAK toothbrush

  • The SWAK toothbrush is one of the most eco-friendly and biodegradable toothbrushes you can use! The replaceable bristles are made from Miswak root wood which cleans your teeth gently and thoroughly. It is fully biodegradable and vegan.

    Miswak has been used for dental care in Arab countries for millennia. The sturdy handle is made of bio-based plastic, which is made from GMO-free sugar.

    Miswak is sustainable and widely distributed in the bush steppes of Africa, the Orient and the East Indies. The handle should last a lifetime, replace the head, keep the handle!

  • • Cleans gently and effectively
    • Cleans each tooth individually
    • Works well in hard-to-reach places
    • Works without water and toothpaste
    • Perfect outdoor toothbrush
    • Zero waste, keep the plant-based handle just replace the compostable head.
    • Avoids plastic waste
    • Head can be replaced every 4 to 8 weeks
    • Completely replaces conventional toothbrushes

    •  Made in Germany

    Effective ingredients of Miswak The Miswak branch contains natural active substances that promote the health of the tooth and gums. Naturally contains, fluoride, vitamin C, tannins, Saponine, flavonoids. Potassium, calcium.