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Do you want to avoid shine on your face? Go for the powder compact. It sets, mattifies and balances the complexion for a smooth and silky finish. Note that all of our powders are free from talc and nanoparticles.


Packaged in a unique, varnished bamboo case and attractively presented in a cotton pouch with drawstring, ZAO makeup is both a beautiful gift and an item to treasure.


Refills are packaged in a cardboard sleeve.


Indication of skin type: Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin 

Size: 9g

Refillable: Yes

ZAO Compact powder

  • Shade 301 is invisible and suits fair complexions for whom added colour looks unnatural.

    Shade 302 suits those with medium complexions and warm undertones.

    Shade 303 suits those with medium complexions and neutral undertones.

    Shade 304 suits those with medium complexions and cool/olive undertones.

    Shade 305 suits those with darker complexions and cool undertones.


    If you suit colours like gold, copper, bronze, orange-reds and earthy tones, then your skin is likely to have peach, yellow or golden undertones and so would suit a warm-toned foundation.


    If you suit colours like magenta, silver, grey, blue-red or jewel tones, then your skin is likely to have cool undertones with pink, red or blue undertones and so would suit a cool-toned or neutral foundation. If you prefer to disguise pink tones to your skin, then a neutral-toned foundation would achieve that.


    If you look good in any of these colours, then your skin is likely to have neutral/mixed undertones. If unsure, check the veins on your arms, as those with cool-toned complexions have blue or purple veins, whilst those with warm complexions tend to have green veins, and if you cannot decide, then you most likely have neutral undertones.