Essential Box - Large

Essential Box - Large

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Essential food box with all the staples you need. 

Each box contains:

1kg     Organic wholemeal penne pasta 
500g   Organic white spaghetti 
500g   Brown basmati rice
1kg     Oats
4x        Tinned chopped tomatoes 
2x        Organic baked beans 
2x        Chilli sauce & kidney beans 
Please select a product for each of the below options in the drop down menu

Option 1
500g Lentils
300g vegan mince 

Option 2
400g Cereal
Strawberry Crunch
Bran Flakes
Muesli Fruity 

Option 3
Bombay mix
Paprika Twists 
Chilli Peanuts 
Spiced Chickpeas 

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