Greencane Loose Toilet Roll
Greencane Loose Toilet Roll

Greencane Loose Toilet Roll

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Sustainably produced quality two-ply toilet paper with the least packaging ever! Produced in response to requests wanting to reduce waste even more.

Each roll 300 sheets 

Greencane uses bamboo and recycled sugarcane, founded by Geoff and Helen in 2009.

Why sugarcane and bamboo fibre?

 Both sugarcane and bamboo are types of grass that are fast-growing in tropical regions and are farm-harvested on an annual basis. Farming them has an extremely low environmental impact, requiring few inputs other than sun and water.

Proudly plastic-free

Greencane’s packaging commitment is to be plastic-free and 100 percent biodegradable. For our packaging, we use cardboard, paper and plant-based, compostable clear cellophane.

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