Om Bracelet - sterling silver charm
Om Bracelet - sterling silver charm

Om Bracelet - sterling silver charm

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We've made this Om bracelet with Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite (8mm) Amazonite & Blue Lace Agate (6mm) beads. The Om charm is sterling silver and it comes on a 6" stretch cord. 


  • Soothes irritability
  • Controls negative thoughts & balances emotions 
  • Alleviates sadness and grief
  • Opens intuitions and enhances psychic abilities
  • A great purification crystal, keep it next to other crystals to help cleanse them
  • Stimulates creativity 
  • Helps battle addiction 
  • Excellent for mediation and spirituality 

Chakra - Crown
Zodiac - Pisces
Planet - Jupiter
Elements - Air
Water cleansing - YES
Fades in direct sunlight 

Rose Quartz

  • Heals heartbreak
  • Attracts new love
  • Opens heart to forgiveness
  • Restores trust & harmony in relationships

Chakra - Heart
Zodiac - Taurus & Libra
Planet - Venus
Element - Earth & Water
Water cleansing - Yes
Fades in direct sunlight 


  • Helps with positive life changes 
  • Activates the heart chakra, realising loving energy 
  • Assists in perceiving & releasing past emotional trauma in the subconscious
  • Deeply relaxing & calming 
  • Releases identification with the ego & helps accept the present moment 
  • Balances emotions & the effect of external upsets
  • Settles a hyperactive mind 
  • Releases worry & concerns for the future & unknown
  • Helps to stop attracting crisis in life & the role of identifying as a victim 
  • Excellent for sleep, insomnia & nightmares

Chakra - All, especially heart & third eye
Zodiac- Libra, Capricorn
Planet - Jupiter 
Element - Water
Water cleansing - Yes
Fades with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight


  • Helps communicate thoughts & feelings
  • Teaches us to speak the truth
  • Make what we speak come true
  • Empower us in manifesting dreams & desires
  • Magnifier of intentions (spoke out loud)
  • Helps let go of other people’s opinions & those you may have of others

Chakra - Throat & Heart
Zodiac - Virgo
Planet - Uranus 
Element - Water
Water cleansing - Yes
Fades in direct sunlight 

Blue Lace Agate

  • Supports one who has difficulty being heard
  • Strengthens the throat chakra amplifying affirmations
  • Assist communication in difficult situations
  • Helps with public speaking or sharing ideas with strangers
  • Balances throat chakra for those who over talk
  • Can be used on the third eye to soothe an overactive mind
  • Calming energies can help overly stimulated children
  • Enhances loyalty & trust

Chakra - Throat 
Zodiac - Gemini, Pisces
Planet - Mercury, Neptune 
Element - Water
Water cleansing - Yes
Fades in direct sunlight 

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