White Calcite Sphere - with LED light

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1 x white calcite sphere with LED light (USB connection, works with phone charger plugs) 

55mm 294g 

This is a stunning piece and glows like the moon on the LED light. You can also put some of your other favourite crystals on this light too. 

White Calcite works well in the home as it holds the most powerful cleansing and healing energy and holds many other healing properties 

  • Increases memory and leaning abilities 
  • Improving clarity of thought process
  • Restores motivation and accelerates growth & development 
  • Detoxifying the body 
  • Raises consciousness, links to higher spiritual states  

Chakra -Crown
Zodiac - Cancer
Planet - Neptune
Element - Spirit
Water cleansing  - YES

To clean wipe with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning products. 


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